COMM11110: Blog Post #2

Where does a campaign begin?

The Red Republic  –  @RedRepublicteam

the red rep

The use of social media has exploded in the last 10 years. People can generate successful businesses from just posting pictures of their daily activities. The use of #hashtags and @symbol helps users to monitor social trends as well as giving companies the ability to hone into the insights and opinions of consumers and other publics. Powell says “The # symbol has become ubiquitous to young people as a hashtag rather than a pound or number sign. Although hashtags have only been clickable since 2009, in the world of social media that’s a long time – and a hashtag in social media is now like water to a fish” (Powell, 2015). Hashtags are how we categorize and organise on social media, they are searchable and in terms of twitter have the ability to be ‘trending’ if a certain number of people are repeating that #hashtag.

The use of the @symbol is unique in that every time this symbol is used for example @RedRepublicteam, it can be found simply by selecting it. There is no need to have to search far and wide for the mention of the great work the team did as it will simply show up on the social page.  Zimmer supports this, as well as demonstrating how the use of #hashtags work in social media, “a hashtag is similar to a keyword and can be created by any user to make it easy to find all posts (“tweets”) mentioning that hashtag. For example, a user could use the hashtag #newyearsday on all her posts that are about New Year’s Day. Then, anyone wishing to find all posts about New Year’s Day, regardless of who posted them, could simply search for the #newyearsday hashtag to find out what other users had been posting on that topic” (Zimmer, 2015).


Two examples of tweets from @RedRepublicteam which I think represent public relations are below. The Red Republic is a fashion and beauty, travel, hospitality and travel PR Company. The first one is “Do you dress for success…” I believe this is considered PR as it shows a mutual understanding of what its followers are looking for; they are stylish people who want to understand how the way the dress can impact their lives.


The second one is the @Mashable tweet. This is public relations as they are use the @symbol to get in touch with everyone looking at that tag, as well as targeting their readers who may be Instagram businesses or those with an interest in all things social media.


Zimmer, s 2015, ‘Social Media and Business’, Research Starters: Business (Online Edition), 2015

Powell, F 2015, ‘#hashtags rule on social media’, New Zealand Management, vol. 64, no. 5, p. 39.



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