COMM11110 Blog: #5

The Public Relations Campaign: Planning


An effective PR campaign can be the difference between a great outcome for you client and a not so good outcome for your client. Planning the PR campaign would have to be the most critical step in the campaign process to ensure that it is appropriate in the circumstances and achievable given your organisation’s requirements and goals.


The structure and layout of the planning stage is set out like a report but can vary in content from one PR practitioner to the other. Every PR plan however contains a situation analysis, an overall goal for the campaign, a list of objectives to achieve the goal, target publics, strategies and tactics to achieve the objectives, some time frame, budget, and a means of evaluation.

An imperative part of the PR campaign is setting goals and objectives. The step of the plan lets team members know what is expected of them; lets your client know what is set out to be done; and finally it creates measurable results (Harrison, 2012). Harrison says “A set of goals is achieved only by achieving a subset of interrelated objectives, even if those objectives are not clearly stated or articulated. Therefore, an objective is a strategic step along the way to achieving a desired goal” (Harrison, 2012).

When implementing a plan it is important to have enough time allocated to get the plan to a point of perfect execution. Meranus says “When planning your PR activities for the year, as a general rule, consider the full year ahead, plan for six months, and expect to revise after three months” (Meranus, 2016).


Campaigns are a significant part of the public relations profession and should be carried out with meticulous planning and thorough management.

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